Francesco Sorrentino


Simultaneous Block Diagonalization

Refer to the articles "Synchronization of dynamical hypernetworks: dimensionality reduction through simultaneous block-diagonalization of matrices" by Daniel Irving and Francesco Sorrentino and Algorithm for Error-Controlled Simultaneous Block-Diagonalization of Matrices by Takanori Maehara and Kazuo Murota the following onpline app calculates the block diaonalized matrices. Matrices to be uploaded should be undirected (Aij = Aji) and unweighted (Aij=0 or 1) and in plain text format. Two sample matrices A and B can be downloaded from this site and the output matrices is also available for download following the link L1SBD and L2SBD.

Please upload the adjaceny matrices

This app is developed by Abu Bakar Siddique under supervision of Dr. Francesco Sorrentino.